Pokemon Snack


In order to keep the blog going more often, I’m going to post one of my past reviews I made on tumblr.

I was roaming around the market and found this. I once bought the Crayon Shin-chan Chocobi snack. It’s like wow, it’s the snack in the anime. I’ve been noticing that some are releasing similar snacks and saw this one. It was the last one, so I just couldn’t help it and Gosh what are the odds of getting Pikachu from that last box. I also grew up with Pokemon and Pikachu is my all-time fave, so haha. It was fated to be~ (๑→ܫ←๑) lol Continue reading


Pokemon XY Jelly Drink



Wow, our site is so empty! We are so bad at this (´-ω-`)  ahaha. Since our first post was on the Pokemon Center website, I thought of posting a drink related to Pokemon. This blog is mainly going to consist reviews on Japanese goods, updates on new releases, and etc. We’re still in process of structuring our blog, so we’ll eventually explain all that in the about page. As of now, I’ll be the one in charge of most of the drink/snack review posts~ ヽ(•̀ω•́ )ゝ Continue reading