Grab Bag 2016


First thing’s first, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

To celebrate the new year, I went to J town with some friends to visit a temple. At this temple, we like to get our fortunes on slips of paper. This year, my fortune said “Very Good”, but everything listed on the paper was kind of terrible.

When there’s bad luck, you’re supposed to tie the fortune onto a wire or something like that, so the bad luck doesn’t stay with you. I’m not 100% sure how the tradition goes; Nuko probably has better insight on this topic.

Okay, now to the meat of this post. What’s that tote bag for Marlie? Dog Patch? What’s that? WELL, I’m glad someone asked (…no one asked). It’s my annual grab bag purchase from the Kinokuniya New Year’s sale. This year my grab bag came in a literal tote bag. More details after the jump.  Continue reading


New Year’s Grab Bags

grabbag 2

On New Year’s Day, my friends and I went to Kinokuniya, because I wanted a Haikyuu box. Unfortunately, they were all out, but as usual, there were plenty of other things to look at. I’m not sure if they do this at the beginning of every year, but this year they were selling clearance grab bags. Each grab bag was $10, buy 2 get 1 free. I ended up getting a few bags with Nuko (who bought them, thanks :] heehee).

So for $20, we got the above left bag, and 2 of the bag on the right. The 2 “right” bags were about identical, so there’s no need for me to go over both of them. Quick overview below! Continue reading