My random word this week is garden. I doodled this in my sketchbook, and you can see a previous comic through the back. OOPS! Let’s just pretend it’s dog being haunted by his memories. In order to make up for his shortcomings and upsetting his kid, dog decides to get cat a present.





Another rushing webcomic post lol. For some reason, I either completely forget or I’m last minute… Anyways, my word of the week is tableYes, my table is messy indeed, but you get the idea. You can probably see how much I was rushing by the smudges smudges…and I accidentally colored one of his legs yellow… I guess I’ll have to put a post it as a reminder for next time aha. Anyways, the boy has found the Cat going into space mode. He just doesn’t understand why Cat and Dog can’t get along like normal loving pets…

I’m Sorry…


I’ve been busy recently, so I haven’t been able to post a web comic. Well, here it is. My word of the week is moss. Anyways, poor doggy feels somewhat bad for what he did. He gives Cat a gift as an apology, but what is that!? He picked some random stuff from the yard and give it to Cat…



EXTREME LOW Quality edition. Sorry about that. I’ve been feeling pretty tired the last few days. My word this week is “whistle”, and I’ll admit I incorporated it in a very cheap way. Poor doggy isn’t used to not being an only child. :[



New Home


My word for this week was kennel. I found out later on a lot of things went wrong in this drawing, but I was rushing through it so forgive me. By the time I realized, it was too late ahaha. Anyways… The kid took the kitty to his home. There, the kitty meets a new friend. Well, that’s what the kid intended. He wanted his man’s best friend to get along with this poor kitty. However, b/c they are such best friends, things turn the other way.

More Friends!

kid final

My word this week is “kid”. I wanted to draw a baby goat, but obviously, my doodling skills aren’t up to par. After his plan to eat the bunny-human-fish failed, cat wanders the streets hungry. Fortunately, a kid takes pity on the broken legged kitty and takes him home to make new friends (sorta)!!