Snoopy Smartphone Stand & Pouch (MORE June Issue 2017)


Recently I’ve been buying fashion magazines, so I thought I’ll write some reviews on some nice things that come with it. Continue reading


Anime Expo 2015


It’s a bit late, but…

Who went to anime expo this year? I didn’t! I was in Vegas on a family vacation, so my friend helped me buy my stuff. When I go, I usually buy figurines or posters. However, I just wanted figurines this year since I have too many posters anyways (´-ω-`). Continue reading

Pokemon Snack


In order to keep the blog going more often, I’m going to post one of my past reviews I made on tumblr.

I was roaming around the market and found this. I once bought the Crayon Shin-chan Chocobi snack. It’s like wow, it’s the snack in the anime. I’ve been noticing that some are releasing similar snacks and saw this one. It was the last one, so I just couldn’t help it and Gosh what are the odds of getting Pikachu from that last box. I also grew up with Pokemon and Pikachu is my all-time fave, so haha. It was fated to be~ (๑→ܫ←๑) lol Continue reading

PLUS Deco Rush

decoR_001I can’t believe it’s been so long since we’ve posted on this blog. The main reasons are probably because we were either too busy or we didn’t really have anything to post on. Anyways, I thought I would do a stationery post since my friend gave me some interesting items that I can post on. Usually, marlie would be in charge of the stationery section, but I’ll give it a wing. In this post, I’ll be reviewing on the PLUS Decorush.  Continue reading

Doraemon Chocolate Monaka


I’m pretty much sure almost EVERYONE knows Doraemon now. I mean I knew they had this cartoon aired in like almost every asian country and now it has even come to America! I honestly didn’t think it was going to come to America since it’s been forever since Doraemon has been first aired in Japan. I was like OMGosh when I found this in MY HOUSE since I did not know we had this delightful treat until the day I found it. I’m assuming (?) that my mom brought it home from her work, since her work is somewhat related to these kind of stuff. Anyways… Continue reading



Another rushing webcomic post lol. For some reason, I either completely forget or I’m last minute… Anyways, my word of the week is tableYes, my table is messy indeed, but you get the idea. You can probably see how much I was rushing by the smudges smudges…and I accidentally colored one of his legs yellow… I guess I’ll have to put a post it as a reminder for next time aha. Anyways, the boy has found the Cat going into space mode. He just doesn’t understand why Cat and Dog can’t get along like normal loving pets…

I’m Sorry…


I’ve been busy recently, so I haven’t been able to post a web comic. Well, here it is. My word of the week is moss. Anyways, poor doggy feels somewhat bad for what he did. He gives Cat a gift as an apology, but what is that!? He picked some random stuff from the yard and give it to Cat…