Neko Atsume


Neko Atsume is a cat collecting game by Hit Point, made for the possibly secret “cat lady” within you!  It’s a free game that’s available for both Android and Apple. It’s a game where you lure kitties to your yard using food and toys. After luring them to your yard, you can take pictures of them, and save the images in your cat collecting photo album. 


Whenever you take a picture, the kitties meow. After the cats are done eating and playing, they leave behind fish which you can use to buy more food and toys. It’s a good system. Anyway, I’m super obsessed with this game, probably because I do have a real backyard feral cat that doesn’t reciprocate my affections :[

Anyway, because I’m so obsessed with this game, Nuko bought me a Neko Atsume guide book! Well, I say guide book, but it’s more of a guide book plus activity book.


It’s 100 pages of kitty cat fun!


There’s activities like find the cat, and find how many cats. I can’t read Japanese, so thankfully Nuko included a short translation guide. My favorite cats are Odd-San and Kutushita-san. In the English game, they’re named Pepper and Gabriel.

I think perhaps the best thing about this game is the names some of the cats have. There are rare cats that have themed names. For example, there’s a baseball kitty named Joe DiMeowgio and a western kitty, Billy the Kitten.


This book also has an activity where you stick stickers of cats in the appropriate scenes. Look how cute these stickers are!



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