Anime Expo 2015


It’s a bit late, but…

Who went to anime expo this year? I didn’t! I was in Vegas on a family vacation, so my friend helped me buy my stuff. When I go, I usually buy figurines or posters. However, I just wanted figurines this year since I have too many posters anyways (´-ω-`).

I kinda felt bad for my friend since she had to contact me and wait for my reply whenever she found something I might like. My friend helped me get 2 Mekakucity Actors, 2 Hakuouki, and 2 Super Danganronpa mystery boxes. These are the possible characters you can get from those boxes.

Mekakucity Actors
IMG_0494 IMG_0495


Super Danganronpa 2
IMG_0489 IMG_0490

IMG_0491 IMG_0493

Regarding the Super Danganronpa 2 boxes, there are two kinds: chapter 1 and chapter 2. The first two pictures are from the chapter 1 box. The other two pictures are from the chapter 2 box.


These are what I got from the boxes…


Overall, I’m not too disappointed from what I got. Oh yeah, the reason why there are two from hakuouki is b/c Toudou was from the mystery box and got Shinpachi separately. I like Shinpachi b/c he’s a dork ahaha. Also, his chibi form is cute. Those who played Yuugiroku would know what I’m talking about. I was happy with what I got with Super Danganronpa 2 since I got the character I wanted for chapter 2, which is Kuzuryu. I really wanted GUNDAM for chapter 1, but Monokuma is good too. However… I was really disappointed with the Mekakucity ones… I like Momo and Kido too, but I really really wanted Seto and Kano even more ( U・A・) . It’s okay I will get over it…NEVER! I wanted them so much I even considered buying the set if Kotobukiya still had them ahaha. Thank goodness they were sold out b/c that wouldn’t be good for my wallet ( ´བ` ).

Anyways, I don’t remember the exact prices, but they ranged from $10-14. The hakuoki ones should be cheaper than the other ones since they’re more like keychains rather than figurines. Well, these prices should be a bit overpriced since they’re from AX. In general, they should all be around $9-10 based on my past purchases from Kinokuniya.


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