PLUS Deco Rush

decoR_001I can’t believe it’s been so long since we’ve posted on this blog. The main reasons are probably because we were either too busy or we didn’t really have anything to post on. Anyways, I thought I would do a stationery post since my friend gave me some interesting items that I can post on. Usually, marlie would be in charge of the stationery section, but I’ll give it a wing. In this post, I’ll be reviewing on the PLUS Decorush. 

Do people still write letters? or gift wrap? or make handmade cards? I still do those things sometimes. That’s when the PLUS Deco Rush comes into use.

At first, I thought this thing was a correction tape. I mean it looks like correction tape considering the shape. It has the signature tape-ish end like all typical correction tape. The difference is that this thing is fancy with it’s knock-type pen form.


One of the cool thing about the Deco Rush is that it’s refillable! I personally like refillables since it would cost less than having to buy the dispenser with the decoration tape every time. Also, I like taking apart things and putting them back together, so it’s a good exercise for me aha. Yeah, I’m weird that way (._.).

Anyways, the refills are pretty compact and they don’t make a mess. Have you ever experienced a time when the tape would twist, but then when you try to fix it, everything goes to chaos. Well, you don’t need to worry about that for the Deco Rush since the tape is enclosed. I haven’t used it enough to experience such a thing yet, but that shouldn’t be a problem even if it does.

The Deco Rush decoration tape works like any other correction tape. The only difference is that they come out as decorative patterns. You don’t have to worry about being left or right handed because you can use it either way. Don’t worry, I tried it and it works. Just make sure the patterns aren’t upside down when holding it in your left hand. Keep the pattern on the bottom side and just push to the right. In other words, keep the grip side of the pen down and slide the pen to the right direction.

decoR_004 decoR_006

Here’s a sample of how it looks on paper. To be precise, I tried it on an envelope. The pattern I have is tulips. If you look closely, you can see that I messed up a bit. Just be careful not put too much pressure when you slide it, that was probably what I did.

decorush_calendar decorush_giftwrap2 decorush_letter decorush_origami

Once you get more patterns, you can use them together and make your creations more lively. Here are some samples that the web site provides. You can use them for almost anything. If your calendar looks too plain, make it exciting by using decorative patterns. If you don’t have a cute gift wrap, make it cute by adding decorations. You can use them as lines if you’re making a handmade letter card. Who needs to buy origami? They’re expensive! Just make them out of scratch paper and make it pretty by decorating them.

dispenser + 1 refill ~$6/dispenser + 3 refill pack ~ $9.
via Amazon.

Measurement: 6mm x 6m tape

Recommended? Yes, they seem really fun. Sometimes I write letters on regular line paper and always think about how to decorate it, so the Deco Rush helps a lot. The patterns are fun to look at too.



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