Sakura Souffle Pens


Today is stationery Tuesday!!! Okay, granted it’s the first stationery Tuesday we’ve had in a long while. Today, I will be reviewing Sakura Souffle pens. These pens are craft pens that can be used on multiple surfaces. There are ten different colors, but I will only be reviewing eight. Keep reading for the review! 


This is the long, wordy part of the review. For a tl;dr, scroll to the bottom. 

I have eight different colors: gray, blue, purple, pink, light orange, orange, yellow, green. There are ten total.

The colors are pastel, and dry lighter than the cap color. If you look to the right of the green square, you can see what the green looks like when the ink is still wet. This brings up another point. DO YOU SEE THAT PUDDLE OF INK? Note, this is not a complaint. These are crafting pens, not meant for everyday writing or note taking. As a result, the ink does dry slowly. I am not exaggerating; they dry very slowly! Please keep that in mind if you are in the market for pastel gel pens.


The tips of these pens are very thick. I believe they are 1.0 mm, resulting in a bold inky line. The dried ink texture is reminiscent of a VERY thin layer of puffy paint. You cannot build layers to increase the 3-d effect; the pen tip scratches off the previous layer. However, there is a definite raised texture. The texture is more pronounced on hard surfaces, and less pronounced on paper.


This is a writing sample of pink on hard plastic. The “H” in “Hello” is not dry yet. As you can see, the pen writes thick.

IMG_20150106_175423886The pen successfully writes on glass as well! I’m super excited about this, because now I can decorate glass jars I have scattered around my house.

Overall, these are nice pens. They work on multiple surfaces, such as paper, plastic, and glass. They do dry with a raised texture, but it’s not dramatically high like popcorn pens. However, I would not recommend them for note taking or everyday writing. If you plan to use them for decorating, card making, pretty things like that, I would highly recommend these pens.


Sakura Souffle

Price: $2.00-$2.50 each


Capped: 5.9 in / 15 cm

Posted: 6.4 in / 16.2 cm

Recommend? Yes, it works as expected for crafting.

tl;dr: Works on paper, hard plastic, glass. Bold tip, and slow drying. Ink dries slightly raised. Not good for note taking or extensive writing.


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