Haikyuu!! Mystery Box


Last week I bought a mystery box for fun. Recently, I’ve only bought them when at least one of my friend wants to buy one. I feel that it’s more fun if I buy with others, so we can laugh about who we each got. Also, there might be a possibility that one of your friends might be willing to trade.

IMG_0262-0IMG_0263-0 IMG_0267-0

These are the 9 possible characters that you can get for the charm. I personally wanted Nishinoya or Tanaka, but nope. I hear Tobio is pretty popular though. I showed two of my friends that usually get mystery boxes with me, and it seems both of them likes him. I don’t think he’s a bad character, but the thing is I don’t really follow Haikyu!! that much, so I don’t really know his character. I just know a bit on his background, but not personality-wise. On the other hand, I’m a Nishinoya fan ever since I saw his hair down in one of the episodes. He should always keep it down. WHO CARES ABOUT HEIGHT!? He looks wayyyyyyy cuter with his hair down ahaha. On the other hand, I like Tanaka b/c of his facial expressions haha. There was this phase where my tumblr dash was filled with Tanaka and his hilarious facial expressions, so yep. Well, I’m willing to trade with my friends if they get someone I like ♪~



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