Pilot Frixion Point (05)


I remember the first time I saw Pilot Frixion pens I was insanely jealous. Before Pilot Frixion pens were common in the US, the erasable pens here were absolutely terrible. I am biased because I don’t like thick tipped ballpoint pens — which most of the erasable pens were, if you could even really call those pens erasable. Not only did they write ugly, they were difficult to get a clean erase. FORTUNATELY, with the advent of the Frixion pens, these problems are solved! Pilot Frixion pens come in many colors (drooling at clear blue and apple green), different tip sizes (0.4, 0.5, 0.7), and different styles (cap, clicky). I have the 0.5 capped kind in black, purple, blue, green, pink, and red.

My lengthy review will be after the jump, and as always, skip to the bottom if you want a tl;dr.


The first thing I have to mention about these pens is the tip size. They are 0.5, which is something I love. Personally, I like even smaller tips like 0.38 or 0.4 mm, but considering other erasable pens, 0.5 is amazing. Writing with these pens feels really smooth; smoothness of writing is often a concern with smaller tipped pens. Also, yes, I do have a potato for a camera. :[


This Frixion line of pens comes with a rubbery grip, a clip, and a friction “eraser” on the end. The grip isn’t cushy, and exists for texture purposes, so the pen isn’t slippery. So far, the eraser tips of my pens have not been stained from use, but I also don’t use these pens too often. One thing that annoys me is that the eraser is on the end of the pen. I like my pens posted (cap on end) when I write, because I like the added weight. If i want to erase something, I have to remove the cap every time. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it gets annoying quick.


Firstly, excuse the “I’ll make a man out of you”; I was in a Mulan mood. I’m sure you know how it is.

These pens are ERASABLE. I know, I’ve said that a gazillion times already, but these pens really are erasable. I did need to apply a little bit of pressure to erase, but the results are comparable to erasing pencil marks. Refer to the above picture to see how clean the erase is.

The ink is a sort-of gel ink, but doesn’t have the smearing problem most gel pens have. The colors I have aren’t as vibrant as I prefer, but this line has many other colors. I also tested the water resistance of these inks, and it is excellent! I dropped water on the “ters” part of “daughters” in the blue text of the above picture, and the ink did not spread at all. The text is a little blurrier, but it’s not noticeable unless you hold the page a couple inches from your face. The actual text is still very legible. I also tried smearing the ink using a wet finger (see the pink “met” and red “through”). I pressed down hard on the page and smeared. It did smear a little, but the legibility is unaffected.

Pilot Frixion Point 05 (black, purple, blue, green, pink, red)

Price: $2-$4, depending on model. US stationery supply stores have it cheaper; Japanese online stores and bookstores have more colors and models.


Capped: 5.4 in / 13.7 cm

Posted: 5.55 in / 14.1 cm

Recommend? yes, if you’re looking for gel ink pens that erase very well.

tl;dr: Erases cleanly and is water resistant. Colors aren’t very vibrant.




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