Ahhh I’m one day late!! I meant to post it yesterday… kind of… I was done earlier today for sure, but I kept getting distracted, so it’s even more late. oops (´-ω-`)

My random word of this week’s web comic relay is crutch. Honestly, I was finding it difficult since I was like how am I going to draw animals using crutches. I mean if they were people, it probably would be way easier. I think it’s obvious here I avoided that very nicely in the last panel ahaha.

I guess from onwards, I’ll explain my web comic in a little story. Previously, Cat plotted a scheme to attack the rabbit that turned into human, then turned into a fish. Mr. Rabbit got extremely angry that he ultra finned Cat’s leg and broke it. The doctor checked his leg. Oh dear, his leg seems to be broken! Doc didn’t give him a pair of crutches, but only a single crutch. Can animals even use crutches? Cat just sits there with his broken leg, sobbing, with the single crutch in front of him…


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