Sakura Gelly Roll 08 (WHITE)

Today is TUESDAY, which means it’s stationery day! Today, we have the Sakura Gelly Roll in white, which runs from about $1.40 to $2. I bought mine from a Japanese book store, but it can be found from online retailers like Jetpens and it’s even available at Michael’s. I bought this pen primarily to use over watercolors, and because it was cheaper than the Uni-ball Signo. I’m cheap. :[

141111_0002 141111_0003

The review will be after the jump! 

gelly roll final

This is the long, wordy part of the review. For a tl;dr, scroll to the bottom. 

On the left, I used the Gelly Roll over Cotman Watercolors. It did not perform as well as I wished. Two layers of white ink are necessary to cover the paint. When applying the second layer of ink, the pen tip scrapes off some of the first layer, resulting in a bumpy surface. The tip also picks up some of the watercolor, and needs to be scribbled/cleaned off between uses.

On the right, I used the Gelly Roll over different pen inks. The Gelly Roll’s tip was quickly dirtied by ink from both gel ink pens (Zebra Sarasa and Pilot Maica) and fountain pen ink (Noodler’s Ottoman Azure). It took two layers of Gelly Roll ink to cover the Sarasa, Maica, and Ballpoint ink. As you can see, it wasn’t very successful in covering either gel ink pen, while fairly successful in covering ballpoint. It did not work at all on the fountain pen ink. Instead of covering the fountain pen ink, it blended with it.

I found that dotting with the Gelly Roll (rather than using a continuous stroke) worked better in covering the other inks. However, dotting results in a non-smooth paper surface, similar to the bumpy surface you would get dotting with a white-out pen. Do people even use white-out pens anymore?

Despite all of my negative commentary, this is a good enough pen, especially for the price. It doesn’t form an opaque white over other inks, but it does cover up the other inks somewhat. I sampled the Uni-ball Signo at the store, and the Signo was better at forming an opaque white over other inks, and didn’t pick up pigments like the Gelly Roll does. However, the Uni-ball Signo is also ~$1 more.

Sakura Gelly Roll 08 (White)

Price: $1.40-$2.00


Capped: 6 in / 15.25 cm

Posted: 6.5 in / 16.5 cm

Recommend? No, if you want to use the pen over other pigments and expect it to be really white. Yes, if you’re on a budget. It’s usable.

tl;dr: Ink picks up pigments, and isn’t opaque white when used over other inks/watercolors.


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