11.11 Pocky & Pretz Day


It’s Pocky Day! Well, technically it’s Pocky & Pretz Day. Since I didn’t know it is also a Pretz Day, I thought I would write a snack log on a Pocky product. Apparently, Pocky -Mint- is a seasonal product, in which it will only be sold during the summer. The thing is I bought this in October, so I’m not sure if they’re still selling it. I’m assuming that they just had leftovers at the place where I bought the pocky? ┐(・ω・ )┌

This product grabbed my attention mainly because of the box. However, I was interested in a the mint flavor since I do like mint chocolate. The problem is that after the first bite I get tired of them, more like the taste is too strong for me. On the other hand, I think this pocky is just right. I mean the main part of the pocky stick is the pretzel stick part. Btw, I didn’t know the stick part was pretzel until I researched a bit on their site. Anyways, it’s just coated with a thin layer of various types of chocolate, depending on the product. Therefore, I felt the thin layer of mint chocolate was just the right amount. On the box, it says the product is also good if you refrigerate, so that’s what I did. Well, I actually refrigerate all my chocolate so…I probably would have done so anyways. I feel chocolate tastes better when they’re cold.

I might want to buy another box IF they still sell it. You know how the pocky box contains two packs? I ate the first pack to get a vague thought if I simply liked it or not. The other pack was to gather up some notes on why I liked it. HOWEVER, my sister ate the other pack without my permission. She ate my other snack that I was saving for the upcoming review as well…Sigh…

Well, as they say, Let’s Share Pocky! …except I wish she would ask me beforehand…

Calories: 170
Rating: ★★★★☆




Pocky & Pretz Day Event

pocky day

Since it is Pocky & Pretz Day, I’ll talk a little about their event. It seems like there was a Pocky Pole Project going on. It was an challenge in which they’re going to have a Pocky and Pretz pole. The goal is to drop the poles from 111m above ground and see if the Pocky/Pretz pole would pierce into the Earth, inside the circle of the ポ for Pocky and プ for Pretz. However, the challenge is cancelled due to weather conditions. The challenge didn’t happen with it’s original plans, but they still dropped the Pocky/Pretz pole below the clouds, where it’s not cloudy. Both Pocky/Pretz pole was a success! The live broadcast was streamed on the Japanese Pocky site and Nico Nico Douga. They ended their live with the pocky phrase, Let’s Share Pocky!


pocky pocky day2

pocky1 pretz1



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