New Home


My word for this week was kennel. I found out later on a lot of things went wrong in this drawing, but I was rushing through it so forgive me. By the time I realized, it was too late ahaha. Anyways… The kid took the kitty to his home. There, the kitty meets a new friend. Well, that’s what the kid intended. He wanted his man’s best friend to get along with this poor kitty. However, b/c they are such best friends, things turn the other way.


More Friends!

kid final

My word this week is “kid”. I wanted to draw a baby goat, but obviously, my doodling skills aren’t up to par. After his plan to eat the bunny-human-fish failed, cat wanders the streets hungry. Fortunately, a kid takes pity on the broken legged kitty and takes him home to make new friends (sorta)!!

Pilot Frixion Point (05)


I remember the first time I saw Pilot Frixion pens I was insanely jealous. Before Pilot Frixion pens were common in the US, the erasable pens here were absolutely terrible. I am biased because I don’t like thick tipped ballpoint pens — which most of the erasable pens were, if you could even really call those pens erasable. Not only did they write ugly, they were difficult to get a clean erase. FORTUNATELY, with the advent of the Frixion pens, these problems are solved! Pilot Frixion pens come in many colors (drooling at clear blue and apple green), different tip sizes (0.4, 0.5, 0.7), and different styles (cap, clicky). I have the 0.5 capped kind in black, purple, blue, green, pink, and red.

My lengthy review will be after the jump, and as always, skip to the bottom if you want a tl;dr.

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Sakura Gelly Roll 08 (WHITE)

Today is TUESDAY, which means it’s stationery day! Today, we have the Sakura Gelly Roll in white, which runs from about $1.40 to $2. I bought mine from a Japanese book store, but it can be found from online retailers like Jetpens and it’s even available at Michael’s. I bought this pen primarily to use over watercolors, and because it was cheaper than the Uni-ball Signo. I’m cheap. :[

141111_0002 141111_0003

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11.11 Pocky & Pretz Day


It’s Pocky Day! Well, technically it’s Pocky & Pretz Day. Since I didn’t know it is also a Pretz Day, I thought I would write a snack log on a Pocky product. Apparently, Pocky -Mint- is a seasonal product, in which it will only be sold during the summer. The thing is I bought this in October, so I’m not sure if they’re still selling it. I’m assuming that they just had leftovers at the place where I bought the pocky? ┐(・ω・ )┌ Continue reading