FREE! Mystery Box


Summer is over and so is Free! season 2. I have to admit, I haven’t watched the last episode yet. I don’t like seeing endings.

I have a love of mystery boxes, so when I saw this Free! mystery box, I had to pick one up. My coblogger, Kiri, bought one too. After all, mystery boxes are more fun when you buy them with friends! These boxes go for $8 usd, and there are ten different mystery options.

Free box

The options include the above 9, and the Haru on the front of the box in the first picture.

I almost always get duds when I buy mystery boxes, so I was super excited when I opened my box and got Rin! Nuko was also lucky and got Mako. It was a happy day for both of us. The figures are fairly detailed, which is really nice given their sizes (38mm, foot to head). I can even see Rin’s little shark teeth. The figures also come with a little lobster-claw attached, so they can be attached to key chains or ball chains if you happen to have any lying around. Unfortunately, the Mako figure was missing its lobster-claw. I don’t think this is a common problem, and if it is, it’s still a pretty easy fix.

I’m satisfied with my Free! mystery box. This is one of the few times I opened a mystery box, and didn’t leave filled with sorrow and regret.


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