Pokémon Center!

poke center

August 6, 2014 marks the opening of the Pokémon Center website! Currently the store is only shipping to the United States.

The Pokémon Center has Pokémon plushies, tumblers, t shirts, I-phone cases and more. While it’s nice to have the Pokémon center back in the US, I feel that the store is rather lacking. The selection is small, and quite a few things have gone out of stock. My main issue is: WHERE ARE THE EEVEELUTIONS?! Granted, it is the opening day, so I assume the selection will improve.

GOGOGO and check the website out! While I’m disappointed because the lack of eevees, there’s plenty of cute stuff! There’s even a Grand Opening collection that features that oh-so-adorable Pikachu you see above!

To celebrate this grand opening, Nintendo is offering a free Poké ball patterned Vivillon for Pokémon X and Y. You can find more information here. Time for me to find my Poké X cartridge.



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